PhD on Synaptic Learning for Neuromorphic Vision

12 minute read


After over five years of researching in the field of biological learning for robotics, I have successfully completed my PhD. The full dissertation is published on the KIT bibliothek. In this blog post, I introduce the field of neuromorphic computing in layman’s terms, and present some of the results.

ROS Tensorflow

4 minute read


In this blog post I go through some useful techniques to nicely integrate Tensorflow (TF) in ROS nodes. The related code can be found in the following ros_tensorflow github repo.


Gleeo time plotter

5 minute read


I have been using the Gleeo time tracker app on my phone to track my time at work for multiple years. To make sense of the data, I implemented a jupyter notebook. The notebook reports:

  • Total time spent per project
  • Time spent per project [per unit of time]
  • Over(under)hours aggregation, accounting for holidays